Feb 4, 2007

Snowy View From An Upstairs Window


Okay. It was only a light blanket and it barely lasted a day, but it's still pretty cool for a native Texan (pardon the pun.) We've had an unusual amount of the white stuff this year and us Texans are always fascinated by it. Saturday morning it was so cold the ducks in the canal were surprised to find the surface had actually frozen over. They were making sudden U-turns upon landing to keep from skidding across it. A few who didn't realize in time found themselves doing some figure skating moves deserving of 10s from every judge. Fortunately the freeze guard on our pool seems to be in excelent working order.

Enough about the weather! I didn't watch the Superbowl but I did catch half-time. I thought Purple Rain was very appropriate considering it was pouring down rain (oops...more weather talk...sorry). But what was that on the "artist formerly known as Prince's" head?