Aug 27, 2006

Spoiled Rotten

This is the first weekend in a very LONG time I haven't had to write and/or host a party. It was soooooooooo nice. I forgot what it was like to actually have a weekend.

One book-related thing. Because friends and family have been bugging me, I took a clean manuscript along with a temporary cover I designed to Kinko's and had some copies bound into books to pass around. While I was at the Kinko's counter a guy standing next to me (early 30's with his girlfriend) asked if I'd written it and said that judging by the cover he'd like to read it. I didn't bother to tell him he wasn't exactly my target market, but I thanked him anyway. I wasn't sure if it was the title or the picture of the Porsche that piqued his interest...probably the Porsche.

Anyway, it was exciting picking up copies of my book, even if I commissioned the printing myself. Now I'll be waiting for the first reviews, even though a critique from your Mom doesn't really count.

Aug 21, 2006

Party Pic!


It was a success. We had almost 30 people I work with and their spouses, kids or significant others. My daughter acted as caterer so we had lots of good food. And I couldn't have asked for better weather (well, okay, it was in the hundreds. but that's good for a swim party.) The fountain was splashing, the lions were spitting and the waterfalls were falling. With all that water it really is hard to believe there's a drought going on.

P.S. You'll note my mom wearing her trademark shower hat (a swim cap would smush her up-do.) She's one of those throwbacks who gets her hair done at the beauty parlor once a week.

Aug 18, 2006

Is No News Really Good News...

Evidently, typing "The End" does not a novel make. I forgot about the little details like a final draft, which, if you've ever written a novel, is never REALLY final.

BUT, after several weeks of editing, she's as done as she'll ever be...and I mean done as in forwarded to the editor by way of my agent.

I forgot how much FUN this part is. Nothing like your heart needing a jump start with the paddles every time the phone rings or the e-mail dings.

But wait...everyone in New York is in the Hamptons this time of year, right?

And do I really want to get the phone call that will crush my hopes? At least while I was writing the thing, hope was my constant companion. Now I'm stuck with the twins, dread and self-doubt.

I miss hope.

The only way to get my best friend back is to start another book. Fortunately I have three good ideas. I'll just take the weekend off to host another pool party or two and then get started...

Aug 1, 2006

THE END!!!!!

the end

That's right. At 12:09 Monday morning I typed the words every writer yearns for. This is my 4th completed manuscript but I think the thrill is still the same.

Spoiled Rotten is 90,000 plus words of chicklit-arama. (Is that a category?) I guess if I had to narrow it down it's a Chick Lit Mystery. You could also categorize it as a romance that breaks ALL the rules.

AND...the best part is I have an editor from a big-time New York publisher who wants it e-mailed to her ASAP.

The bad news? It still needs some polishing.

That's why I've got to run!