Jan 30, 2005

The Lips Don't Move

The original design for my website had lips that cocked (that sounds sorta dirty, doesn't it?) when you moved your cursor over them. It's my understanding that eventually we will achieve cocked lips...until then my lips must remain stationary (ery...i can never remember which.) Otherwise, here it is in all its chick-litty, colorful glory: karynlyndon.com!

What do I do now? Send out announcements? E-mails? Smoke signals? I would appreciate any comments you might have back here on the blog site because I don't believe the Email Me lips work either. I'm suddenly reminded of that commercial about why technology has to be so difficult...

Jan 28, 2005

Like having a baby

Jeez, I didn't realize it would take this long...but after a lot of pain and Lamaze breathing we've finally given birth to karynlyndon.com. I say we because without a little help and a lot of technical genius from my friends (Cindy, Scott and Jeremy) I could never have taken my rightful place on the world wide web..
We still have a few tweaks to take care of but for the most part we're ready for the launch. I'm feeling a little vehklempt right now so talk amongst yourselves, here's a topic: why didn't that Ugg boot trend ever take off?

Jan 19, 2005

Day Two

Well, there's nothing new to report except we are getting very close to "going live" with the website. It's very exciting to have my own dot com. Wonder what it feels like to be googled? Wonder what it was like in the conference room with the advertising creative types when they were brainstorming Google for a company name? The dialogue probably went something like this:

"God, I hate coming in late in the game when all the good Internet names have been taken!"
"Oh, I know. I mean, how can we possibly top Yahoo?"
"What genius!"
"Hey, what's up with that Lycos? Sounds like a sugar substitute."
"Why don't you read back what we've got so far."
"No, too gothic. We need something more contemporary."
"No. Sounds like a cyst."
"I checked that out. The islands already have that one for their website."
"Damn it!"
"Gaggle, Gargle, Google, Giggle..."
"Wait a minute! Back up one."
What? Google?"
"Yeah, you think they'll go for it?"
"Well,it's no Hotbot or Dogpile..."

Welcome to my blog

This is a test...for the next 60 seconds you will witness a test of the emergency blog system. In the event of an actual emergency, you would have been instructed to tune into your local blogcast station. This is only a test. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !