Apr 27, 2005

A Book By Any Other Name...

A published author on my chick lit loop put a call out for help naming her new Mom lit book about a 40-year-old divorced woman who travels to Hawaii. Warner (publisher) wanted something more poignant than the working title "Hula Girl Holiday" so I shot off a list of suggestions and the author (Jane Porter who has written a chick lit called The Frog Prince)0446694495.01.THUMBZZZ sent my list along with some other suggestions from the loop to her editor. The Warner editor selected one of my titles! I can't tell you what it is yet because they want the art department to design it before they announce it. I'll post it here when it's a done deal (hopefully with an actual picture of the cover.) Jane is sending me an ARC of Frog Prince as a thank you...

WTG, Scott and Carrie!

I can't believe it! But America voted and Constantine is out. I thought he had the coolest name...ironic that he was teased about it as a child. I know he took a lot of heat for being smarmy on camera but I thought he had sincere eyes and a genuine smile. I was also surprised that Vonzell was in the bottom three.

Apr 26, 2005

Dynamite Moments

I'll do whatever I want...Gosh!
You're just jealous 'cause I've been
chattin' with hot babes all day.
You gotta have skilz to get babes.

Apr 25, 2005

Apr 23, 2005

Saturday Night Underachiever

Heavy sigh. It's Saturday night and I should be writing my WIP. Instead I feel compelled to blog. (Is blog a verb now?) The guy who invented the word (derived from web log) said he liked the way it actually sounded like throwing up. The word does work considering the amount of regurgitation that goes on at these blog sites.

Speaking of blaaaahgs...I don't really have anything to say except my jaw hurts where I had my tooth crowned and it's giving me a headache on that side. Why is it when you have something fixed, it hurts worse? (said like Andy Rooney on 60 minutes.) We seem to outlive our teeth by 20 or 30 years. Maybe when our teeth start to go they should just shoot us like horses. (Boy, I must be really depressed.)

It's a full moon tonight. That does weird things to people. The editor may be reading my manuscript this weekend...not that I'm saying I think a full moon might make her crazy or anything. Maybe I'll know something next week. Sometimes I like having the "possibility" of being published hanging over me. But lately, I almost wish my life would go back to normal. I mean, it wasn't a bad life. I was relatively happy. But now, knowing how long and hard I've worked...and how it could all be for nothing. What really hurts is being so very close...

Apr 21, 2005

Scott Savol, I apologize

(or is it Sabol...I've seen it spelled both ways on the internet.) So anyway, I'm sorry. I was wrong...okay? You've hung in there against the odds. I'm still pulling for Carrie Underwood
main_carrie_185x100 (because I like country) but it doesn't matter either way because I don't vote. So good luck to both of you! I really think they should have a male and female idol. It's too hard to compare. Maybe I'll put that in the suggestion box over at Fox.

Each of the AI finalists had to fill out a questionaire and I thought I would fill one out too. (Ahhh...the power of the blog. I'm replacing the word sing with write and pop artist with writer...you get the picture.)

What's on the top of your "to be read" pile right now. The Nanny Diaries.

What's your favorite genre? Chick Lit

When did you first start to write? I remember finally mastering a K when I was four. I wrote a poem about a hippo in the fifth grade that was posted on the bulletin board (a proud moment.)

What other talents do you have? I've been told I'm funny and I remain calm in stressful situations. I've been told I'm a wonderful Mom (by my children.) I've been known to write poetry and song lyrics and I write, direct and produce humorous videos for our annual awards ceremony at work. I have been known to design and sew costumes and I can choreograph. There are some other talents I've been told I have but I can't comment here because this is a PG rated blog.

What are your personal goals in life?
I want to be a multi-published author.

What book would your friends be surprised you own.
Uh...Eat Right and Live longer? lol (I'm sure it was a gift.)

Who is your American Idol?
I don't really understand this one. How about Stephen King?

Do you have any rituals you perform before you write?
Check E-mails and stats on this blog (and then swing a chicken over my head.)

Favorite Writer?
Hard to narrow it down so I'll go with something literary. How about Charlotte Bronte.

Most embarrassing moment. Accidentally showing a partially naked video of myself to a group of about 80 co-workers at the Boy Scouts National Headquarters. (It's a long story and as completely embarrassing as it sounds.)

Your proudest moment in life? Gee, that's a tough one. Of course, number one was the birth of my daughter because she was first and after 19 hours of labor, the only appropriate emotion you can feel is ecstatic that it's over. Number two would be the birth of my son because he was a boy and that meant since I had one of each I would NEVER have to do it again.

If you couldn't write, what talent would you most like to have? I wish I could write music. I have the lyrics in my heart, but the tune refuses to surface. Believe me, I've tried.

What would people be surprised to learn about you? I'm pretty much an open book. What you see is what you get.

Do you have any lucky charms?
No. I'm not superstitious at all (knock on wood.)

What's been your toughest obstacle?
My struggle with my weight.

If you become published, who will you thank first?
My family who have always believed in me and supported my quirkiness and creative streak, and especially my husband who does the dishes, cleans the house/pool, mows the yard, and washes the clothes so I can write.

Apr 19, 2005

Fingers and Toes Crossed

Okay...my heart is doing double-time.
(see below)

My agent received word today that the editor who loved my book contacted her friend, an editor at another publisher, and she is anxiously awaiting my manuscript. Here we go again...

Apr 16, 2005

All the Way to the Top...

but no cigar. CurvyKathy made it through the editor and the senior editors all the way up to the executive editor of a big NY publisher. But the final verdict was...and you're not going to believe this...it had too much romance. I guess she hasn't read Bridget Jones Diary.
Anyway, I was suprisingly NOT upset, I guess because I've been on the chick lit loop long enough to know this kind of thing happens all the time...and because it's still out there with several other publishers. In the meantime I'm totally inspired to finish Spoiled Rotten!

Apr 11, 2005

Always the Bridesmaid's Mother

My daughter broke up with her boyfriend...again. Which means I am plunged into a depression much deeper than hers ever dreamed of being. We were close...soooooooo close. And now we have to start over again. Even if she meets Mr. Right tonight, we couldn't possibly plan the wedding of her dreams in less than a year...and let's face it, I'm not getting any younger! As Debbie Reynolds said in "In and Out", I neeeeed a wedding, I need place cardsimages-2 and violins and white tulle dotted with tiny, hand-sewn pearl sequins...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm the mother from hell. But that's not true. My daughter feels exactly the same way I do. (And she will think this blog entry is funny.) And now I have to support her that she's done the right thing by leaving her potential groom.

Why did she leave this gorgeous, tall, muscular man who owns his own home and has a good job with great benefits and 401K? Because he's a Playstation addict. That's right. He doesn't beat her. He's not into drugs or alcohol. He doesn't cheat on her. He doesn't gamble. But, sadly, he has all the tell-tale signs: glazed-over, blood-shot eyes, thumb calluses, overly-developed reflexes, scheduled vacation days where he doesn't leave the house and the inability to be away from the game for more than two hours at a time.

Why does technology have to be so difficult?images-1

Apr 9, 2005

Ding, Dong, The Prince is Wed

Am I the only one who is glad these two are finally making it legal? Jeez...it's hard to believe.

Ann Landers would have definitely advised Camilla NOT to wait on Charlie. She would have been wrong. It shows if you hang in there (till you're 50), you might get the Prince of your dreams. I do have to give him props for choosing someone his own age.

Apr 7, 2005

A Flurry of Action in New York

I still can't give details about the fate of CurvyKathy31, but I can tell you it involves laughter on subways and thank you notes. All I can do now is pray. Well, I suppose I could ask for donations to the "get Karyn some valium" fund, but I don't have Paypal.

Okay...I Was Wrong

I admit it. Scott made it through another round just by the hair on his chinny chin chin.images-2

Apr 2, 2005

Happy 500th Blog Hit!

No, this isn't a car ad. I'm celebrating my 500th visitor to my blog. Maybe someday I'll get 500 hits a day. Till then, I'm thanking all of you...one reader at a time.

Apr 1, 2005

Next Stop...What Not To Wear

Okay, so they've discovered Scott Savol has a violent streak (not that that's ever stopped a star from superstardom). Give him a break! He's paid his debt to society. This is America, after all, land of O.J. and M.J. Even so I predict Scott's last American Idol appearance is next week. America just can't forgive oversized pajama tops on the hip and famous. And you're not fooling anyone with the vertical stripes, Scott. I bet Stacy and Clinton can't WAIT to get you in the 360 mirror!