Feb 10, 2012

51 Inches (or why bigger isn't necessarily better)

Today we are hooking up our new 51" Samsung plasma TV to our new wireless receiver. According to Uverse customer service it's really simple to do.

Why am I skeptical?

I generally have a positive outlook. I'm the glass-half-full girl in most situations. But ever since I was in grade school, anything that involved electronics (yes, even back then we had electronics...slide carousels, film strips, projectors, microphones, speakers) they NEVER worked without some major drama first. We would sit in the classroom or auditorium during what would seem like an eternity waiting for the show to go on while sweat-drenched teachers scurried and flustered to figure-it-out!

The very same thing happened in the corporate world.

Even at home I get an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when someone wants to watch a DVD. Thoughts of which remote, which button and which cable dance in my head and invariably it takes an eternity to figure-it-out! (Can't we just watch it on the computer?)

So....wish me luck!