Jul 25, 2008

Hello Dolly?

Just got back from a beach vacation to Galveston(Texas). As we began our perilous navigation through Houston traffic the computerized freeway signs greeted us with "Hurricane forming in the Gulf of Mexico. Please fill your gas tanks."

What kind of greeting is that?

It was hot and sunny...so, since there were plenty of other cars headed in the same direction as we were (due south) we continued. Besides, we would have lost our deposit on our condo. And what a condo it was! 2 FABULOUS views of the gulf, seagulls gulling, waves splashing and still not a cloud in the sky.

I suggested to my husband and son that they get their suits on quick while they still had a chance. I however laid in bed and read, occasionally glancing out onto my view...my idea of a vacation. Besides, that...I was tired after the six-hour drive.

Oh, did I mention we took the dog? I wasn't sure how that was going to work, but he was the best dog EVER! He just sat (and slept) in the back seat next to my son just like the brother he never had. Chester had no problem retiring to the condo bathroom for a little "alone" time while we went to eat at night. And the ocean was just one huge playground to him. He jumped the waves, swam, dug in the sand, napped...

The next day tropical storm Dolly became hurricane Dolly, but we didn't care. Through intermittent clouds and sun and a few showers we remained on the beach, virtually alone. At times I was reminded of Tom Hanks in Castaway.

The following day we decided to let mother nature have the beach as the waves were splashing over the seawall.

We said goodbye to our vacation destination (and goodbye, Dolly,) All the way back to Dallas the motor's vibrations lulled Chester back into a happy (sandy) nap.

Jul 1, 2008

Happy B-Day To Me

Thought you'd like to see the cake my daughter made for my birthday. I'm a little late posting it. My birthday was June 11. But I thought it was still newsworthy and my daughter deserves some accolades for going to that much trouble. It was delicious, btw, with lemon cake and frosting. The little "gift packages" are Starbursts.

May 8, 2008

It's Been A Looooong Winter

But it's supposed to be in the nineties this weekend here in Big D. That means we can finally get in the pool...with the dog. We specifically chose this breed (labrador retriever) because they love the water.

Mar 23, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose?

The other morning when I was letting the dog out instead of the usual ducks floating around on the canal I could see a much larger bird perched on the fountain. (It doesn't start fountaining until 8 a.m.) Someone at work informed me it was a Canadian goose. Anyway, I thought he looked rather majestic sitting there as the sun rose over the houses (at least until 8 a.m.)

Jan 27, 2008

Shines Like The Top Of The Chrysler Building

You know, I could tell you the long drawn out version of why, when my son totaled his car, I ended up getting a new car, but it's really only interesting to my immediate family who have already heard the story so to save you the agony I'll just show you my new car. Isn't it pretty?


It looks white in the pic but it's actually called Cool Vanilla...mmmmm

Jan 4, 2008

Ready For Take-Off


Okay, I know this isn't a dog blog but he's just soooooo CUTE!