Jun 26, 2006

Houston, We Have Water!

After a flury of activity last week including equipment installation, deck preparation and inspection, today they plastered the pool. It's bright white until they put the water in which they do right away. The water helps cure the plaster and keep it smooth.


When they put the water in it looks blue...an aqua blue while there's marble dust in the water.


I guess that's what plaster is made out of. It's supposed to take 24 hours to fill the pool. While the plaster is curing we have to be very careful with it. But by Friday we can swim!!! Now that it's finally here I can't believe it.

Jun 14, 2006

A Short Post To Say Hey!

I know it's been a while, but I feel I should spend every ounce of my creative energy on my manuscript since I have an agent and an editor waiting on me to finish it. And I'm soooooo close...

The only action we've had on the pool is clean up and irrigation repair--two of the steps to building the pool that don't really show up well in a picture. There's been NO rain. We're still in stage 3 so we're hoping they put the plaster in soon (ie: before stage 4). We have had some nice evenings sitting out on our lovely deck and gazing into the empty hole, but it sure would be nice to actually get in it before summer's over.

I'm taking a flexible Friday this week so that should give me some bonus writing time. Last weekend I celebrated a milestone birthday. (I'm not going to say which one, but when I tell people they can't believe it because I look so young--they wouldn't lie about a thing like that, would they?) And of course this weekend is Father's Day.

But like I always say, It's always somethin'

Jun 5, 2006

POOL: Day Thirty-Five

Nothing new to report. We're still waiting for the clean-up crew. We're meeting with the landscaper tomorrow to see what plans he's drawn up for us. I'm really looking forward to it--I feel like I'm on one of those landscaping shows on HGTV! One of the things we wanted him to price for us was a putting green. While I was researching artificial turf online I found this picture and thought it was too cute. (I know I have some golfers who read this so this one's for you.)


In case you can't tell that's about 3 feet of snow they had to shovel off of their artificial turf putting green. Now that's what I call golf nuts.