Mar 16, 2012

Employer Seeks Writer...

...who's wicked smart and witty. Understanding of education industry a plus!

Application Instructions
: Email resume and a well written, creative cover letter

Okay Mr. HR Department--here goes:

I saw your ad on Monster and I think you need LOOK NO FURTHER. I'm your girl.

With 20+ years as writer, editor and manager in marketing, I've always been the go-to creative when management needed outside-of-the-box (from cardboard to gift-wrapped) copy that speaks to the customer and makes them react (in a positive way.)

And do I understand the education industry? Not only have I completed sixteen (count them--16) years of education myself, I've been writing back-to-school ads, direct mail pieces, catalogs and other collateral for JCPenney even before it became a cool place to shop.

I'm smart, too! I'm a published author with two novels (available in trade paperback and Kindle--coming soon to Nook--order yours today at my author website: and that's no easy task. If you haven't written a novel-length book, it's REALLY hard and time consuming. Take my word for it.

As far as witty, well, what can I say? The email speaks for itself.

Anyway, after you read my resume attached, call me!

I love


Mar 5, 2012

Mad for the Hatter

Watched the new Alice in Wonderland for the first time on Uverse tonight and marveled (again) at what an awesome job Bruce did on his costume!

Mar 4, 2012

Format...just another word for inside the box

I've been receiving little nudges from Blogger that it might be time to update my format so I can use the new "tools" which make blogging so much easier.

Well, that was three+ hours I'll never get back!

It's still not the way I want it, but I'm giving in to homogeneous web design because I've lost my will to be unique. Techie stuff like that will do it to you...