Apr 16, 2005

All the Way to the Top...

but no cigar. CurvyKathy made it through the editor and the senior editors all the way up to the executive editor of a big NY publisher. But the final verdict was...and you're not going to believe this...it had too much romance. I guess she hasn't read Bridget Jones Diary.
Anyway, I was suprisingly NOT upset, I guess because I've been on the chick lit loop long enough to know this kind of thing happens all the time...and because it's still out there with several other publishers. In the meantime I'm totally inspired to finish Spoiled Rotten!


Duke_of_Earle said...

Well, hello there! I knew Lantz had other clients, but not who many of them are.

Say, you're not the author whose MS I read for Lantz and ... No, I know you're not. You write too well!

Your writing credentials sound a whole lot more impressive than mine. And did I read that right; "Too much romance?" As in, too much sex? Too much passion? Too much... ???

Gee, what a way to diss a romance MS! What the HELL are they looking for? Today. Of course, it'll change tomorrow.

Don't you love the business?

I'm putting you on my list of daily reads. Maybe the next editor will have a grain of sense. Let's hope!


Karyn Lyndon said...

I think Lantz stopped that practice of having his clients critique each other's work by the time I got here, so no, I don't think you've read my ms. You can find an excerpt of CurvyKathy31 on my website KarynLyndon.com.

What I'm writing is different than straight romance. It's chick lit which has a less than perfect heroine, usually written in first person with a comedic, self-deprecating voice, multiple heroes and doesn't necessarily end happily ever after (think Bridget Jones Diary or Sex and the City).

There is sex in my book...but not what I would consider "too much". I think what the executive editor was referring to is Kathy's "over-the-top" angst about a bad break up and her main goal of getting a man. Although my voice is comedic, there are some highs and lows on the emotional scale that may not fit into her chick lit definition. But then again, who knows? If I could understand those people I'd be published by now.

I'll add your blog to my list under "writer's web" if that's okay.