Apr 9, 2005

Ding, Dong, The Prince is Wed

Am I the only one who is glad these two are finally making it legal? Jeez...it's hard to believe.

Ann Landers would have definitely advised Camilla NOT to wait on Charlie. She would have been wrong. It shows if you hang in there (till you're 50), you might get the Prince of your dreams. I do have to give him props for choosing someone his own age.


katydanzer said...

Oh come on. He is a pig. He should have never married Diana. He is a full of himself royal ass that is ugly.

Anonymous said...

Okay, he's not perfect, but who is. You can't really judge someone till you walk in their "royal" shoes. You'd probably be full of yourself, too. And how shallow of you to judge someone by their looks! A pig would have had many affairs with anything in a mini-skirt. He's been true to Camilla all these years. Diana is dead. We should just "let it go."

Brenda Bradshaw said...

And then there's me. I just don't care enough one way or another.