Jan 28, 2005

Like having a baby

Jeez, I didn't realize it would take this long...but after a lot of pain and Lamaze breathing we've finally given birth to karynlyndon.com. I say we because without a little help and a lot of technical genius from my friends (Cindy, Scott and Jeremy) I could never have taken my rightful place on the world wide web..
We still have a few tweaks to take care of but for the most part we're ready for the launch. I'm feeling a little vehklempt right now so talk amongst yourselves, here's a topic: why didn't that Ugg boot trend ever take off?


k said...

because uggs are most likely the worst attempt at design ever.

wearing those boots automatically makes one look like a 14 year old japanimation figure.


Karyn Lyndon said...

Well, I mean...they are aptly named. The consumer was warned that they were ugly...