Jan 19, 2005

Day Two

Well, there's nothing new to report except we are getting very close to "going live" with the website. It's very exciting to have my own dot com. Wonder what it feels like to be googled? Wonder what it was like in the conference room with the advertising creative types when they were brainstorming Google for a company name? The dialogue probably went something like this:

"God, I hate coming in late in the game when all the good Internet names have been taken!"
"Oh, I know. I mean, how can we possibly top Yahoo?"
"What genius!"
"Hey, what's up with that Lycos? Sounds like a sugar substitute."
"Why don't you read back what we've got so far."
"No, too gothic. We need something more contemporary."
"No. Sounds like a cyst."
"I checked that out. The islands already have that one for their website."
"Damn it!"
"Gaggle, Gargle, Google, Giggle..."
"Wait a minute! Back up one."
What? Google?"
"Yeah, you think they'll go for it?"
"Well,it's no Hotbot or Dogpile..."

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