Mar 21, 2006

Still More Pics of the New House

I'm sorry...but after living in the same house for 23 years this move has been a really big deal and I'm still a little numb from it all. So here for your viewing pleasure...


Still haven't heard anything from New York about my book. The wheels of progress turn slowly in the publishing biz. However, here's the cover of the second book I wrote the title for. It will be out in July '06.

Go here for more on Jane Porter and Flirting with Forty.


Duke_of_Earle said...

Karyn, that looks like some seriously UPTOWN living! What a gorgeous place!

Tell Lantz to tell that publisher to hurry up. My fingers and toes are getting cramps from being crossed for so long for you!


LZ Blogger said...

Pretty house! Looks nicely cared for as well! I jumped over here from Peter's blog. ~ jb///

Peter said...

Hi Karyn, thanks for the visit to holtieshouse.
The new house looks lovely.

Tanya said...

Hi Karyn. I'm also visiting from Peter's blog. Love the house. It's just gorgeous. I also think the staircase is great.

I just wanted to comment on your comment about the cyclone on Peter's site. Australian cyclones are comparable to hurricanes and typhoons (they all originate offshore) rather than tornadoes (which we have inland occasionally). As soon as they go inland they run out of fuel (as in ocean) and peter out. This is something close to my heart at the moment (if that is possible), as I've just been through the preparation and anticipation of Cyclone Larry (though, lucky for me, it crossed land a few hours north of me, and my town was spared any real damage).

Bill said...

You are definitely livin large Karyn!! The place is seriously nice!

Still got the fingers crossed over here for you and the book!

(btw, nice to have you back!)

Mark said...

Very nice place.

Popped over from Link2Blogs.