Nov 30, 2006

Snow and Other Weird Things

Right now I'm looking out my home office window at snow. To some of you this may seem uneventful, but for someone who lives in North Texas, this is pretty freakin' eventful! They let us go home early from work as any kind of frozen precipitation brings this little ol' metropolitain area to a complete and utter standstill. So I thought it would be a good time for me and my can of cheddar Pringles to answer John's meme: 6 things that make you weird.

1. I don't think this is really werid but it is my biggest flaw. I can't make it anywhere on time no matter how hard I try. Some people think this is due to laziness, a disrespect for other people or lack of organization. I don't see it that way. I just think I'm afflicted with a case of O.A.O. (overly active optimism.)

2. I love to eat but I hate to cook. Part of this is because I don't like to participate in an activity that takes longer to prepare for than to enjoy. Do you think golfers would enjoy playing a round if it took 4 hours to put your clubs in the car and drive to the course and you only got to play for an hour? I think not. The other part is that I'm surrounded by picky eaters who took the joy and creativity out of cooking a long time ago.

3. I'm a writer. I think that makes me inherently weird. You would understand this if you've ever seen the people who attend a writing conference (especially romance, sci-fi and horror). I like to think that I don't really fit in with those groups of unattractive recluses, but I know it's probably true.

4. (This is harder that I thought. Maybe I'm not that weird after all.) I'm one of those people who drive in the left lane on the highway and force everyone who insists on driving faster than 10 miles over the speed limit to pass me on the right . Some might say this is a flagrant disrespect for tailgaters and speed demons. I say it's simple geometry. The closest distance between two points is a straight line.

5. I'm happy to be an only child. No one has ever told me a sibling story that moved me enough to wish I had one. Most of their tales make me THANK GOD I don't.

6. This New Year's Eve I will have been married for 30...count them THIRTY years. In this day and age that's pretty darn weird. There are several tips I would like to give all the newlyweds. Even if you don't go to bed at the same time, always tuck the other one in with a glass of ice water and some kisses and hugs. If you have separate TV rooms, visit each other during the commercials. And finally, never make enough of a combined income to support two households. Lack of funds is the tie that binds.


Moggy said...

Except for the being married for 30 yesrs I didn't really find anything on you list to be weird ;-)

Steve said...

Snow in Texas. That does my heart good. We had snow one night, but here it is 1 Dec in Germany and I haven't seen a flake since.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Uh... Moggy? It isn't that's ON the LIST that's weird, it's the author of the list. Trust me on this.


(That was a joke, Karyn. OW!! Quit sending those nasty thoughts at me!)

Christina said...

LOL @ #6!

i can't believe it snowed out there. Brrrrrr!

Hale McKay said...

Since we've been married for 34 years, I don't find much weird about your list at all. That's good, isn't it?

Nankin said...

Karyn, if your weird, so must the rest of wanna be writers.

Rik no Orkut said...

Faria sentido se eu entendesse!