Dec 13, 2006

The Difference Between Men & Women

First of all, I want to thank my husband for being so wonderful. He truly "completes" the yin to my yang...the tomato to my tomahto. What brings on this gush of admiration? He can hang drapes, Christmas lights and other ladder climbing and tool toting activities that I can't do.

And this time (probably for the first time) we hung the drapes without any conflict. He just did it, to my specifications and left me feeling oh-so-appreciative.

I know he doesn't really like doing these things, especially when he doesn't understand why. Men tend to be a little more utilitarian than women. "Because it will look good" doesn't rate as a good enough reason to climb the ladder.

The house we live in now has plantation shutters in almost every room so all of the windows light-adjusting, energy efficiency and privacy issues have already been solved. But there's nothing like a dash of color, a swath of texture and some elaborate embellishment to enrich the look of a window, and ultimately the entire room.

But (as he pointed out) drapes tend to interfere with the movement of the plantation shutters, which are basically hinged doors over the windows. So I was happy to find a new trend in window coverings which allows me to add the color and texture to my windows without getting in the way of the shutters. Unfortunately this particular style renders the drapes completely useless (except for the uses I already mentioned.)

I tried to explain the whole concept of the dining room drapes before I bought them but it was no use. I finally convinced him to just trust me. Here's what happened.




He agreed with me that the window looks better. Now that I think about it...he's the plantation shutter and I'm decorative drapes. We make a great pair!


Anonymous said...

We husbands never get the credit we deserve. I may not be able to pick out some nice drapes, but I can hang them. Good for your husband.

Christina said...

Oh, yeah, it looks much better with the drapes. nice touch.

Duke_of_Earle said...

You two remind me of another couple I know really well... (ahem) Me and Carol. She's the artistic one, the creative one, the one who knows what will look good before she sees it, and so on.

I'm the "unskilled labor" who (sometimes) follows her instructions adequately about how and where to hang the drapes, lay the tile, etc.; and then clean up after the job is done.

I'm with Christina on this one. At a glance I thought the "before" picture looked fine. But the "after" DOES look much better.

Great job, you two. (And I thought from the title we were back to "Freaky Friday!")

Dorothy said...

Oh, wow, what a difference! I love it! I popped over here to wish you a very Merry Christmas to you!

Sambian said...

the men have no clue ;)

Rik no Orkut said...