Jan 16, 2010

CurvyKathy31: Confessions of a Chat-aholic...

...is scheduled for a February 2010 release! Here's the cover...isn't it cute!

Here's what it says on the back:

Kathy is a cute, plump, hearing-her-clock-tick Assistant Buyer at PandorasBox.com, a home accents retailer. She has three goals in life. The first goal is to find a man with major spark-age. The second is to give up her addiction to the Information Date-way as her friends and mother have suggested. The last goal is to keep a low profile while she attempts to direct a successful musical “extravaganza” for the company's 10th Anniversary.

This tale hints of Jane Eyre, Cyrano de Bergerac and The Scarlet Letter while taking a humorous look at falling in love, break-up angst, wacky corporate America and most everything that can go wrong with Internet dating.


Nankin said...

I can't wait to read it. This one came before I joined the group.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo CurvyKathy is here!!!!!!! Congrats Karyn and it is a super cute cover!!!

California Karen

Rik no Orkut said...

Outra vez!