Jan 3, 2006

First Showing!

We had our first showing yesterday. OMG...what a three-stooges firedrill when we got the call that they would be there in 30 minutes. I thought the house was ready till we got that call...suddenly flaws glared at me everywhere! When the potential buyers finally arrived we went out the back to do some errands. When we came home 30 minutes later they were still there! We had to wait in the driveway another 15 minutes. My house isn't that big...there isn't 45 minutes worth of stuff to look at!

And then today their realtor contacted my realtor...they want to make an appointment to see it again. Jeez! Is there a spot they missed? More updates as they happen...


Duke_of_Earle said...

WOW!! How exciting! Clearly they have significant interest...

Either that or they laughed so hard they wanted to bring friends with them next time to share the humor... Nah!

Sounds good. You may have an offer by tomorrow! (Oh, and the thought of a "three stooges firedrill" had ME laughing out loud.)


Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes! Bring your friends and neighbors...see the amazing 20-year-old cobwebs in the death- defying cathedral ceiling...laugh till your sides split at the original built-in microwave now used as paper plate and plastic cup storage.

I was trying to find a politically correct substitute for the "other" kind of firedrill...my apologies to the Three Stooges.

Mike Ashley said...

It sounds like MOe, Larry and Curly Joe are interested.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Politically correct? YOU??

Maybe, "An East-Asian fire drill?"

Anyway, with regard to your comments:

1. "I agree with Vicki...ouch to the life/job comment...it's a good thing you're so lovable.
Soooooooo...did you ever sell the other magazine?"
Answer: Hell, no! How could I ever sell that? (Something might happen to the framed copy!) And yes, I'm glad I'm so lovable and never cross the line into offensive comments. Right, Karyn??

2. "I think EVERYONE needs a hat...it would make a great photo for the blog..."

Answer: Yes it would, but I'm not sure Carol loves me THAT much. I plan to have a group photo by mid-February of this year's ski trip with all participants appropriately attired in sweaters!

3. "There ARE occasions when explosives in the hands of maniacs can be fun..."

Answer: Agreed, but usually not for the maniacs.

Thanks for all the comments!! Has the house sold yet?


Karyn Lyndon said...

Now don't you think if the house had sold I'd be blogging about it??? Believe me, you'll be the first to know...

Christina said...

Regarding the comment on my dad's blog: "I think EVERYONE needs a hat..."

He neglected to mention that my mom made herself a matching hat and gloves (they match the sweater). Nobody else got any accessories!

Karyn Lyndon said...

It's all the rage on the Paris runway this year...or the Colorado slopes...whichever comes first. I guess you know where you rate now that the littlest member of the family is in the picture.

Bill said...

You might want to check and make sure they're not coming back just to drink all your sodas or something. :-)

I agree with Duke. Maybe you'll have an offer sooner than you think.

Bill said...

A second look is always a good sign... no one looks a place over a second time unless they liked it the first time. It's usually a what can we find wrong with it visit so they can constuct their offer!!

Good luck, I hope it sells in record time!