Jan 2, 2006

Room with a View!

We got the best room ever last night (actually it was a suite) plus a complimentary cheese and fruit tray because our "early check-in" ended up being later than regular check in...but it was worth it! The big green thing in the left side of the window is a 5 story high Christmas Tree.

View from our room by day:


View at night:


View from another window:



Bill said...

Sweeet, that you got the suite!! Exactly what you should have to celebrate 29 years!! Congrats, to both of you... I hope you had a wonderful time!!

Duke_of_Earle said...

Congratulations!! Hope you had a SUPER time. And now I KNOW you're looking forward to getting back to work!


Karyn Lyndon said...

Thanks Bill and John...

and John, you had to remind me, didn't you...

Bill said...

Nice suite you got there. That's so cool to have a giant Christmas tree just outside to help you feel like a little kid again. Happy New Year, and Happy Anniversary too!