Apr 5, 2006

A Lot Of Hot Air

We were sitting outside admiring our new view early yesterday evening when suddenly over the houses came two hot-air balloons. The sight was so colorful and so unexpected it literally took our breath away. We both ran inside looking for the camera and by the time we got back out they were tiny dots in the sky. Anyway, this was what I caught on film...well, actually there wasn't any film involved.


Re: Finishing book 2. I'm working on it!!! Come on, I can take a break now and then to look at the balloons, can't I???


Bill said...

Not only can you take the time, In my opinion, it's those moments that make the long hours worth the effort!

Duke_of_Earle said...

I know you've been busy/distracted with moving/writing/work/family, etc. But I'm still conditioned, when I put certain words or phrases up on my blog, to think, "Oh, man, what's Karyn going to say about THIS one!?"

Can't wait to hear the latest on your writing adventure.


Hale McKay said...

Great picture!