Apr 18, 2006

This 'n That

Writing News: I only accomplished half of my goal (50 pages instead of 100) but they are 50 polished pages. I found it hard to just barrell on through, which was my original plan. I have to perfect as I go. That's just me. I'm looking at about 2 1/2 chapters until I can officially type 'the end." I CAN'T WAIT!!!

My list of excuses:
1, One of the reasons I had a hard time writing more was the amount of personal business I had to attend to that I usually take care of while I'm at work (ie: filing my income tax, making dr. appts., paying bills online.)
2. My husband took vacation time at the end of the week. There is something about him being around that disrupts the creative flow, even when he's mowing the yard or doing something else constructive.
3. I spent a lot of time eating out and shopping...come on...I was on vacation.
4. Easter Sunday was my husband's birthday and I had to host his party.
5. The view and the weather were so lovely.

For Swingers Only:
My husband used to play golf and wanted to start playing again but decided his clubs were too old. Sooooo I bought him new clubs and bag for his birthday. Since they were too big to wrap I put scavenger hunt type clues all over the house that finally led to the trunk of my car. He was genuinely surprised and it was so worth it to see him smile like that...and to watch him chip back and forth across our backyard (and into the lake on purpose.) Hopefully him playing golf won't disturb the creative flow. We'll see next Saturday.

Pool update:
It looks like it's going to happen. What fun I've had designing it. They start digging late next week. More to come...


Duke_of_Earle said...

Excellent! I didn't know a pool was in the offing. And sounds like a good week of vacation even if the writing goal wasn't attained. You're getting close, though!

Boy, do we differ in style! I write chapters at a time, just pound them out, then go back umpteen times to move scenes around, tweak verbs, cut excess junk, and polish. If I wrote polished sentences I'd forget what my hero was going to do next.

Different strokes, I guess.


Karyn Lyndon said...

But, your hero is you...how can you forget that? (just kidding.)

i have to slow down and let the characters tell the story...a lot of times they take me places I didn't know we were going.

Rik no Orkut said...

Faria sentido se eu entendesse!