May 10, 2006

POOL: Day Ten

They poured the gunite today. Now the pool looks like a castle to me. I don't understand how they make the stuff stick to the sides. It seems like it would run down into the bottom.



Anonymous said...

Love the title of your blog - too funny! Also love the progress of the pool. We were so torn between putting in a pool or moving into a townhome near Disney with a hottub in the courtyard. We chose the latter but you're making the pool thing look fun! :)

Bill said...

Karyn, you mean they 'shot' the gunite... it 'sticks' because it's much drier than traditional 'crete... and also dries much faster as well.

The pool is looking very cool by the way!! I want one of those when I get rich and famous.

Rik no Orkut said...

Já está no formato!