May 4, 2006

POOL: Day Three

We're moving right along here, despite the rainy weather. Living next to the lake there's lots of fauna who seem excited about the pool, too. Early birds (sorry, John, not sure what kind) were out in the mud this morning pulling up their breakfast. And ducks seemed to look longingly at the massive hole, waiting for the rain to fill it up.


Inspectors from the city came today but it was "red tagged" as not ready to inspect. I think they have to do the plumbing first but I won't know anything for sure until tomorow.


Nankin said...

Karen, is it time for a pool party?

Duke_of_Earle said...


Not yet, but that's why I asked her to keep us up to date on the progress. I figure when it's ready to swim in we can all just show up! Don't tell her! Shhhhh.


Rik no Orkut said...

Que coisa!