May 27, 2006

POOL: Day Twenty-Six

They didn't end up pouring the deck until Friday, something about confusion in scheduling. Anyway, it was just in time for Memorial Day Weekend so we can entertain outside again. We can't believe how huge the deck is. We'll have to buy more patio furniture to fill it up!



There is one small problem. We're having a drought here and we're at stage 3 in our community, which means we can only water on trash day. I went online to the city website to see what stage 4 guessed can't fill your pool. Pray for rain!!!!

Writing News!
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. One more chapter to go. But tying up all those loose ends is hard work.


Bill said...

Karyn, the pool is turning out so nicely! It is truely impressive!

As for water, there are companies who'll bring the water in, with a truck and pump it into the pool. You'd be surprised at the amount of time, and money it will take to fill it yourself... just a thought.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Yes, Karyn, the pool turned out VERY nicely. Victoria got well over 5 inches of rain over the holiday weekend while I was off golfing in central Texas. Hopefully your area will get more soon as well. It'd be a real shame NOT to see crystal clear water in that thing soon!


Rik no Orkut said...