Mar 31, 2005


When I was in college I played an elaborate April Fools joke on my room mate. She was still in love with her high school crush even though he was in another town at another college. I wrote a type-written letter from him telling her he had gotten engaged to someone he recently met. I even faked a postmark from his college town and stepped on the envelope a couple of times so it looked like it had been sent through the mail.

When we went to the mailboxes that day she opened the letter right in the middle of the student union even though it was her practice to "savor" her mail and wait to open it back in our room. When she got to the part about his engagement, she fell against the mailboxes and started crying...loudly. Then she ran back to the room. I ran after her trying to convince her it was an April Fools joke, but she wouldn't believe me. I'm sure I finally convinced her and she forgave me although I don't remember that part. She didn't end up with that guy, but she's married now with 2 teenagers. I haven't talked to her in a long time. I think I'll call her today and wish her a happy April 1st.

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