Mar 29, 2005

"SEVERAL" Publishers Interested in My Book!

I can't say much but I can tell you several publishers means
more than two and less than infinity. The publishing world
is so strange and mysterious and I can't help but be in awe
of its secret handshake-ish ways.images-2 Fortunately I have an agent who understands how it works and all I have to do is keep writing. But when he tells me we have interest from more than one publisher, well, I mean, come on. This could be BIG! He also told me it wasn't time yet for the happy dance images-3 so I'll just leave my jazz shoes in the closet for now. We have to wait patiently for the passing around of the manuscript on its hopeful journey ever upward in the publishers' organizational charts.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very promising. Keep us posted!

katydanzer said...

Hey, I'm proud of you. Now get back to writing! hehe