Dec 19, 2005

NOTE TO SELF: Next year take off the week BEFORE Christmas

OMG...we're so busy at work I have absolutely NO time for my personal business like online Christmas shopping or blog posting! Whoever made the schedule thought it would be fun to make us do 2 weeks worth of work in 1 week...with half the staff. Now, I wasn't very good in algebra but I think X = sucks in this case.

The net result is that the people who are off this week will have NOTHING to do when they come back on the 27th...because we will have done it all. Oh well, I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone until the 23rd and then I'm off for 11 consecutive days...come on Christmas!!!

(Hmmm...I may need to change my grown-up Christmas wish to nose reconstruction.)


Dorothy said...

LOL, enjoy your 11-day vacation, you lucky bugger. ;o)

Bill said...

I'm taking some time off from work as well 23rd through the 4th... but I suspect I'll make a few posts in that time!

Ehjoy your time off Karyn!

Duke_of_Earle said...

"Tallywhacker??" Uh, OK.

Kidding aside, I thought you might find this tidbit of wisdom interesting. Especially since it backs up your premise.

"The middle-finger gesture, which has apparently had phallic connotations in every culture in which it has been used, is much older. We know it dates back to ancient Greece, at least, where it was referenced in "The Clouds," a play written by Aristophanes in 423 B.C. It was also well known to the Romans, who referred to it variously as digitus infamis ("infamous finger") and digitus impudicus ("indecent finger"). In all likelihood its origins were prehistoric."

There is indeed, nothing new under the sun.


Karyn Lyndon said...

You say phallic...I say tallywhacker...tomato, tamato...