Feb 7, 2005

As Political As I Get

Someone wise once said freedom isn't usually taken away by force all at once...it is given freely, one tiny piece at a time. (Okay, I paraphrase, but it was something like that.) Anyway, I've decided that if the Patriot Act is going to take some of my freedom away (ie: full cavity search at the airport) then the American people should be compensated by getting rid of some other annoyance...uh...like, how about making it punishable by death for telemarketers to call...ever. Our house phone has now become our computer phone since we all have cells, but we still have call notes to pick up messages. I pick them up about every 30 days. 9 out of 10 calls are from telemarketers which I delete after 2 words. A lot of time and energy wasted on trying to get in touch with an imac.

So, I have a question for you. Does anyone like to get calls from telemarketers and have you bought anything from one in the past year?


katydanzer said...

Hey, who doesn't like a little cavity search? I'd rather that then fly into a tall skyscraper.

Cake or death?
I'll have the cake please...

Sean said...

I agree. There is something about the snap of a rubber glove onto an untrained civil servant's hand which causes you to ask the big questions in life. Especially "how did I get HERE?"

Cheaper than therapy, about as messy as religion.

Nice blog and good luck with the writing.