Feb 10, 2005

Good Rejection

What an oxymoron! But this latest rejection letter really is a good one. Or maybe I have a pain fettish I wasn't aware of. Maybe I fall under the category of "any attention is better than none." But I digress.

This is from a big time publisher written by a big time editor (forwarded to me by my agent) and she actually read the entire manuscript. I do believe this is a first for me in my young authoring life. And she said some very encouraging things about my "voice" which seems to be what they look for in chick lit. Words like: engaging, authentic and natural voice. And she hopes my agent can find the right editor to get me started on my way. Yes!!! I'm ready to get started on my way...lol.

Anyway, all I know is, encouragement like this helps me believe it's not "if" but "when"... and makes me want to write like the wind!


katydanzer said...

I am proud of you mom. As for the pain thing... I think its more along the lines as you like to have attention, even if its bad.

Lets see, I had a question for you. You could probably use it as your next blog topic. Is it better to keep the integrity of your words and your expression or to be published?

Karyn (Mom) said...

The point of writing commercial fiction is to be published. Writing a novel is just too hard to do it for enjoyment alone. Besides...what exactly is "integrity" in fiction?
It's all made up (lies) anyway.

Coming from a journalism and advertising background I'm used to writing to please my superiors, the client or merchant, and ultimately the customer. So making changes the editor suggests is easy for me. I bow to their expertise in what sells.

katydanzer said...

So, here is another question. Do you think its easier to get published now or 50-100 years ago?

Karyn Lyndon said...

Everything is easier for a woman to do now than 50-100 years ago.

katydanzer said...

I think that is true in general. Its the generation of "My Give a Damns Busted"... Yea!