Feb 27, 2005

Tire Slashing Night

Okay...I didn't make it to the OA meeting. It turned out I had my local romance authors meeting and it was an awesome workshop and exactly the kind of inspiration I needed to fix the end of my book, which I also did. Anyway, I will try again Tuesday.

Also, thanks to Dorothy and "anonymous" for submitting their "She was naked and he was dead" paragraphs. Funny and creative!

One final thing I want to talk about before I start the finishing touches on CurvyKathy31: Somebody slashed the tires on the cars parked on our street and the next street over. Now we live in middle class suburbia, U.S.A. We don't have gang graffiti on building walls and there aren't any crack whores on the corners. My question is...why would people do this? The way I see it, the only one who benefitted from this are the tire companies. Is this what kids do at slumber parties in place of the toilet papering of the seventies? Is this an act of anger? And who are they angry at? Middle aged women who have to spend their Sunday afternoons at the tire store? (By the way, I have a complaint. Why is Discount Tire closed on Sundays? Don't they know the major tire slashing night is Saturday night?) Anyway, I tend to be a glass half full girl, so all I can feel is thankful that they only slashed one tire, that my son's car wasn't out there, and a lot of other stuff that I won't go into.

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