Feb 24, 2005

She was naked and he was dead...

This is a "thinking outside the box" exercise our critique group did this week and I thought it would be fun to see what other people come up with. Please finish this opening line:

She was naked and he was dead.

I'll put mine in as a comment. Can't wait to see the results!


Karyn Lyndon said...

She typed: She was naked and he was dead.

No, no. That would never work. She highlighted and deleted the sentence.

She typed again: He was naked and she was amused.

She smiled, then highlighted and deleted again. Sipping her cherry vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper, she let her imagination slip out of the strong, iron box she always pictured in her mind. It had to be something even more attention grabbing. Something truly deserving of the first lines of her new work in progress.

The heat had just cut off, punctuating the settling noises of the old house. Thinking about naked, dead people at 3 a.m. gave her the creeps. Suddenly, she realized along with the usual creaks and groans, she could also hear breathing other than her own.

His words whipped her body into immediate adrenal warfare.

"Take your clothes off, lady."

She could feel the intruder's hot, stale breath on her neck and the gun in her ribs.

At that very moment it became clear. Her being naked was the easy part. Now
she just needed to figure out how to make him dead.

Anonymous said...

She was naked and he was dead. Mr. D told her she should practice in front of someone before he'd let her strip on stage. She figured she'd work her way up from a cold stiff on a slab at McNab's Mortuary to an actual living, breathing man.

Dorothy said...

She was naked and he was dead. "Great," she thought, "guess there's no sex for me tonight."

Anonymous said...

She was naked and he was dead.
So she thought

Anonymous said...

She was naked forget him