Feb 2, 2005

I'm a Writer

I can say "I'm a writer" with confidence (even though I haven't published a novel) because writing and editing are also what I do in my day job. So probably for me the word "writer" has lost some of its mystique.

What I really want to be able to say is "I'm an author." I want to be published in fiction. I want to have a book cover designed for me. I want to see my name in large letters on the front. Now I realize of course that wanting it doesn't make it so. But I've written some novels. I've received some rejection letters (both bad and good.) I've even received a couple of "calls". Now I have an agent and on any given day I could receive yet another rejection--or sell a book. Heady stuff to run home to.

Of course as a seasoned published author wannabe I found out writing one novel is not enough. The minute you've sold your first novel the publisher wants to know "what else ya got?" Jeez! Do you KNOW how hard it is to write 400 pages of double-spaced Courier type that has a plot and believable, memorable and larger than life characters, all wrapped up into a marketable genre? It's extremely hard! And it can all be for NOTHING!!!! Let's face it, the chances of hitting the big-time are only slightly less than hitting the lottery.

Oh, just effing forget it.

I'll be back. Gone to buy some lottery tickets.

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