Oct 22, 2005

Still Making It...After All These Years

Backstory: Along with my full time job I also coached a competitive junior dance team for thirteen years. Back then everyone would ask me..."How do you do it?" And I would just smile and laugh.

Now that I think back on that time I ask myself "How did you do it?" And the better question is "Why did you do it?"

Well, okay. It was an extremely creative outlet. And during that thirteen years I learned a lot of valuable "stuff". Things I was even able to use in my real job...like managing people. Once you've managed 24 eight year olds and ALL of their stage moms (and some dads), managing 4 college graduates is an ABSOLUTE piece of cake.

During that time I also learned some other things...uh...like...all professional seamstresses are liars, it's really hot at a three O'clock football game in September, a drill team is NOTHING without a working sound system, leave the judges wanting MORE, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, you know, stuff like that.

Getting back to the seamstresses lying part. Along the way I also learned how to make costumes (necessity sometimes truly IS the mother of invention). And I'm not talking about one. During my daughter's high school days, I'm talking EIGHTY. After you've done that much sewing you get to where you can do it in your sleep, without a pattern...

To make a short story really long...my daughter (now 26) was going to order this Minnie Mouse costume online for a couple of Halloween parties coming up.

But with shipping it was going to cost over $50 which she couldn't afford, so before I could take back the words--out of my mouth they came: "Why don't I just make that for you."

So that's what I've been doing today...

And here it is:


Tommy said...

Texas blogs just rock! I'm going to link to you, if you would rather that we not then just drop a line and we'll remove you from the list. i really like reading what you've posted though so I'll still come back for more.

Rilla said...

Wow, what a mom!! It's so cute. Hope my daughter doesn't see it and get any ideas.

Your blog is really cool.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Gee, Karyn. I always knew there was more to you than just a pretty face, a great writing style, and a talent for graphics! Great job on the costume. Karissa looks good in it, and HAS to be pleased!

Oh, and I'm sure you told Tommy not to link to you and never come back or comment again. Right? (Like he needs your permission?)

Mike said...

Wow - a writer - a sexologist - and a seamstress too? Methinks You have mant more hidden talents.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Tommy...feel free to comment often, read daily and link away!

Rilla, thanks for you compliments and for stopping by...

Duke, thanks, and yes, she was pleased.

Mike, most of my talents I let all hang out...lol

Bill said...

There's something very essential in making something with your own hands. I know I get a great deal of satisfaction from it, although some of my more.. Ummmm... 'intellectual' friends don't (or can't) understand what it does for the soul.

I think it's an especially sweet success when you've used that talent for someone else. I can see by the look on her face, you made her day!