Oct 2, 2005

Frustration and Firemen and Fabulous Getaway, Oh My!

I'm having problems posting comments, which really is frustrating. I can't even post them on my own blog. I keep getting a "blogger is temporarily down for maintenance" message. It's been going on for over three days! I'm not sure if this is a universal problem, a mac problem, a safari problem or an aol problem.

In other news, this weekend my daughter comandeered our house for a bachelorette party complete with jello shots and fireman stripper.

I did not think this was a wholesome atmosphere for my husband, so we went on a mini-vacation to the Marriott Hotel in Plano at Legacy Village. Oh My God! It is a nice hotel...I mean like 4-star.
The weekend package included a huge suite, 2 theatre tickets and a beautiful breakfast buffet. The hotel is built across the street from a lovely little fountain and lake
and beside Legacy Village which includes lots of interesting shops, restaurants, bars and the Angelica movie theatre. I felt like we were in a hotel overlooking Central Park.

We had the best time...it was so nice to get away. And we only had to drive about fifteen minutes to get there. Of course, what we saved in gas we paid in tips to the parking valet and the bellman.

Upon arriving home we were relieved to find the house in relatively the same condition we left it.


Duke_of_Earle said...

Dang, that sounds like fun. And I DON'T mean the fireman stripper!

If I ever get rested up from that 3-week vacation trip I'll have to try a getaway like that. Only trouble is, there's nothing that nice within 15 minutes of my place in Victoria, TX.

Wonder why?

Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes, but you've got a beach...

And look! I can post again!!!

Christina said...

That does sound fun! And I mean the fireman and the jello shots!!!