Jun 11, 2005

The Birthmonth Continues

Yesterday my division at work gave me a birthday breakfast with lots of homemade baked goods and yummy treats and my boss gave me this cool-looking pink scarf that she crocheted with confetti yarn.

But today is the ACTUAL day. I am (she covers her mouth to muffle the sound of her age) years old. Gee time flies when you're blogging. I don't really care for odd years. They just SOUND older, don't you think?

Having had my party last weekend we decided to commemorate today with lunch at
images-12...home of the best dessert EVER. If you ever have a chance, order the apple walnut cobbler with cinnamon ice cream, but plan to split it. You could probably eat the whole thing, but then they would have to fly you to Houston for immediate quadruple bypass, because this thing is not ashamed of it's most popular ingredient... real butter. My mom and I split the club salad with grilled chicken (instead of fried) so maybe just an extra baby aspirin will help keep the old veins flowing tonight.

I took a separate car because I had my monthly writer's critique group (as opposed to my weekly Wednesday critique group) at 2 at one of the critiquer's homes. That's always fun. They hadn't heard about the contest finaling (can you believe they don't read my blog???) and were appropriately impressed, encouraging me to go to Reno. And I had another chapter for them to critique. 7 pages of the 18 were written last night and this morning. (I work well under pressure.)

Then after that Torsoman and I took a nap. Now, I know this isn't Freaky Friday, so remind me next Friday to tell you what NAP stands for. Until then, feel free to guess.

So here I am now...blogging on my birthday. Birthmonth continues tomorrow with Torsoman's mom and aunt celebrating at images-13 where they have EXCELLENT bleu cheese dressing...mmmm...


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Karyn - I am so pleased you had such a good time. I guess I must be edumacated because even I know what NAP is AND I live on the AFRICAN continent!!

And hurry up and finish that book already, I want to come to Texas for your book signing, and Johns book signing. No pressure!

katydanzer said...

Quit it! No more freaky friday stuff. To let everyone out there know... Kendall and I have known what "nap" ment from a very early age. Ewwwwwww!

Karyn Lyndon said...

I mean, what do the initials N.A.P. stand for?

Bill said...

Happy Birthday Karyn... until you're older than dirt (like me) you must continue to consider yourself young and act accordingly!! :)

I hope you had, and have, a wondeful day!

Duke_of_Earle said...


No WONDER your hit counter isn't soaring! If they're willing to critique your writing, they oughtta be willing to click your site address once a day or so. I recommend a communication session with them.

Kidding aside, sounds like you had a great b-day! Congrats!

Now if Lantz would just work some magic, we could invite Michelle to Texas for a double-signing!

Let's see... N.A.P.? In reference to sex? Lots of possibilities there, but I don't want to ruin my "clean" reputation. Maybe it's when the husband is feeling frisky, and the wife gives him that eye-rolling look and says, "Not A Prayer?" Ah, I think I'll wait till next Friday and let you enlighten me then, in your inimitable style and detail.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Bill, unless you have fibbed on your profile you're not that much older than me. Thanks for the well-wishes.

John, I'm afraid I am surrounded by internet-challenged folk who, if they do use their computers, think it's just a big, expensive word processor. And I do think that's one of the reasons I struggle so with hits. The upside is I can write whatever I want...and as you've pointed out often...I do.

Not A Prayer is a funny guess but incorrect.

Re: selling a book so Michelle can come to Texas for the book signing. I'm doing everything in my power. Can you guess what I wished when I blew out my candles?

Duke_of_Earle said...

More propagation? That's be a good wish, right?

Karyn Lyndon said...

That is a good wish but also incorrect. It's something that we both wish for on a daily basis.