Jun 21, 2005

Double Cousins? Sounds illegal...

images-3With all the wonderful and heart-felt blogs about their fathers, I was "influenced" in the decision to drive my Dad and Mom to their reunion in west Texas (5 hour drive, monotonous scenery) fourth of July weekend this year. It used to be a fun reunion, but now everyone is old (including me) and the young people seem to have better things to do (I don't blame them.) Anyway, here's a "song" I wrote about our family history and the annual gathering.

(Sung to the tune of the "Beverly Hillbillies")

Listen to my story 'bout the Wagners and McCleerys
When you hear the tale, it's really kinda eerie
It happened in a town they call San Angelo
Where the wind was blowin' dry
And mesquites were growin' low
Kind of a bush
Not quite a tree

Well, the two men settled on the flat prairie
William was from Ireland and Frederick--Germany
They both took a bride and raised a family
And they were all as busy as a bumblin' bee
Grit in your eyes

Well the first thing you know, Will's son met Fred's girl
They both fell in love and married in a whirl
But then, you know, one thing led to another
Rob's sister fell in love with Vickie's younger brother
It's legal, ya know
I hear it's quite common

So they started raisin' families...kids by the dozens
They all looked alike 'cause they were double cousins
And with that mixture it was quite a recipe
If you look around I'm sure you will agree
Big ears
Bald heads

The Wagners loaded up the truck and moved to Big D
McCleerys stayed in Angelo to carry on the tree
And you know the rest is considered history
We get together every Fourth for the family..
Reunion, that is
Swimmin' pool.

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Duke_of_Earle said...

Beautiful! I can hear Earl Scruggs' banjo plinkin' in the background!