Aug 11, 2005

List of Things About Me

I "borrowed" this list from The Pointmeister Here goes...

* 5 snacks I like to munch on:
(1) nuts
(2) Cheet-os,
(3) Pretzels with Squirt Cheese
(4) Chips and Hot Sauce
(5) Theatre style popcorn
(I love salt!)

* 5 bands I know the lyrics to most of their songs:
(1) The Carpenters
(2) John Denver
(3) America
(4) The Monkees
(5) The Beatles
(I guess I haven't learned any lyrics since the Seventies.)

* 5 things I like to do:
(1) writing/blogging
(2) swimming
(3) going out to eat
(4) driving
(5) taking naps!
(see a previous freaky friday post for definition of a nap)

* 5 bad habits:
(1) my relationship with food
(2) procrastination
(3) habitual lateness
(4) think rules do not apply to me
(5) terrible with numbers and money
(I hate myself now)

* 5 things I'd liked to accomplish:
(1) become a published author
(2) plan a wedding
(3) become a grandmother
(4) sell a screenplay
(5) direct a movie
(in that order please)

* 5 things I wouldn't be caught dead wearing:
(5) pointy Madonna bra top
(2) thong underwear
(3) pleather pants
(4) studs and camo accessories
(1) Easy Spirit shoes
(why is it now I can picture myself in all of these at once?)

* 5 things I miss from my youth:
(1) summers
(2) my grandparents' ranch
(3) drive-in movies
(4) parking
(5) twirling at halftime

* 5 things I'd do with $100 million:
(1) buy big homes with awesome views for my parents and myself
(2) buy a dance studio for my daughter
(3) buy a bikepark for my son
(4) give to my favorite charities
(5) let my husband retire early

* 5 TV shows I like (current):
(2)Boston Legal
(3)Desperate Housewives
(4)Everybody Loves Raymond
(5)Six Feet Under

* 5 TV shows I like (all time):
(1) I Love Lucy
(2) Saturday Night Live
(3) Sex and the City
(4) Sopranos
(5) All In The Family

* 5 TV shows I dislike:
(1) Funniest Home Videos
(2) The Gong Show
(3) Monday Night Football
(4) Southpark
(5) Jerry Springer

* 5 Movies I like:
(1) Gone With the Wind
(2) Titanic
(3) Sixth Sense
(4) Alien
(5) Jaws

* 5 Movies I disliked:
(1) Open Water
(2) It's Pat, The Movie
(3) Chucky
(4) Big Mama
(5) Blair Witch Project

* 5 Famous people I'd liked to meet:
(1) Shakespeare
(2) Jennifer Weiner
(3) Stephen King
(4) Jim Carey
(5) Jesus


kffan123 said...

hey i saw were u left a message on hamel's blog..just saying HI! lol BYE

Karyn Lyndon said...

hi kffan123! what up?

Anonymous said...

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Karyn Lyndon said...

Thanks, anonymous. My daughter teaches hip-hop. I'll send her to your site.

Anonymous said...

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Karyn Lyndon said...

Which part do you agree with? Hating The Gong Show or loving naps?

Duke_of_Earle said...

Dang, Freaky Friday ought to be a REALLY hot item this week. Sounds like you and old anonymous have got a thing going!

Mike said...

Good list! You were right, we were not only not on the same page, we weren't even in the same library. And John might be right... hmm....

Bill said...

I'm hurt I wasn't on your what to do with 100 million list! :)

Maybe I should start a spam site so I could link you to it? I feel so left out! :LOL:

Another great post!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Hey, bring on the It makes my comment count higher!

kffan123 said...

hey hey, nothing much just

Viki said...


Just wanted to let you know I stole your list of things that you stole from someone else, just to prompt me to write about SOMETHING. Thanks!

Karyn Lyndon said...

No problem, Viki. I think the guy I stole it from stole it from somebody.