Aug 15, 2005

Take The Test...If You Dare

Okay, so I haven't read Vonnegut, although according to Hamel I didn't miss much. (Does hearing that commencement speech he wrote that they play on the radio count? I use sunscreen now.) I've also been known to (on a very rare occasion) talk with my mouth full. And thinking really does make my head hurt. Does honesty make me less intelligent?

I am 19% Idiot.
Friggin Genius
I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.


Cindy said...

17% idiot--I am a friggin' genius. Course, I already knew that. Here's the difference between our scores: Thinking does not make my head hurt.

Karyn Lyndon said...

It's only on the left side when I do math so I'm deducting 1 point for a total of 18%. You're still smarter...but that's only because you try harder.

Cindy said...

Well, see, there's another difference, I no longer do math. I do try harder, but I think that makes me stupider, since I don't get that much of a return.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Well, I didn't want to come right out and say point EXACTLY!

Michelle said...

I am 18% idiot but that is sooooo not right. I am not an idiot at all. I am a Goddess and am a 100% perfect genius *grin*.

How things with the son going?

Karyn Lyndon said...

The reschedule of his arraignment is this Thursday. The second date has not been set. He's been really good about not driving. I'm proud of him.

Duke_of_Earle said...

HAH! I've spread the spam virus to you. (You were right when you said we should have taken precautions!)

Actually, I only suffered one (very bad) day of symptoms. Thus far today they've left me alone. The only good they do is make your hit counter go up.