Nov 8, 2005

The Friends With No-Money Blues

* *P O E T R Y* *

I'm glad my best friend has no cash
Because my purse is empty, too
Gold credit cards we do not flash
And all our bills are overdue

We both pack lunches of leftover shit
As the month crawls to an end
As soon as payday comes at last
Before you know it...we're broke again

A trip to the grocery store's a treat
Forget about the bars
Life's heaven when there's enough to eat
And gas for all the cars

We spend our last dime on our kids
We wear last decades clothes
Our savings accounts are on the skids
And our roofs sport leaky holes

We can't get a loan at the local bank
The IRS knows us by name
Our appliances are on the blink
And late fees drives us insane

The lottery we will never win
Disposable income? What's that?
Exotic furs we've never worn
We can't even afford a cat

We share so many problems
From late notices to bounced checks
The future should look very dim
With nooses around our necks

But we just joke and laugh it up
About our situation
We manage to cheer each other up
(except during menstruation)

We have something others would pay
A whole year's salary for
I'm so proud that I can say
We're friends and so much more

I'm certain when our ships come in
And we have debt no more
I'll thank God she was my friend
To make me feel rich when I was poor


Duke_of_Earle said...

Only you could work in the word "menstruation" to a poem about friendship and finances. I am in awe.


Karyn Lyndon said...

I try.