Nov 30, 2005

My House Is a Very Very Very Fine House

* *P O E T R Y* *

I look around and cannot believe
That soon your love and care we will leave
Even though moving on is considered achievement
I'm sad and I'm lost, almost to bereavement

Your first sight created such awe-struck feelings
We laid in each room looking up at your ceilings
We marveled at how your brick fireplace was massive
Your wood beams and picture-frame panelling, impressive

Shocked that we'd qualify for such a nice home
We couldn't wait to sign on the line for the loan
They gave us the key and we moved to your street
And for 22 years you have laid at our feet

You cradled our babies in the warmth of your arms
You kept us safe from the hail and the storms
You gave us light when the darkness descended
You kept us entertained till the evenings ended

You witnessed us argue and agonize and fight
We slammed all your doors but your timbers held tight
You saw every party from birthday and Christmas
To New Years and Easter, not a moment you missed us

Your foundation steadfast, you made us feel safe
From the roof overhead to the lock at the gate
Even after the French door, the hot tub and pool
You've given us much more than we've given you

As we take our last step outside your front door
My sadness will seep into my very core
Our hearts will be with you even after we move
From our little house on Daybreak to the house with the view


Duke_of_Earle said...


Are you SURE you want to move??


Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes...sometimes progress is painful.