Nov 20, 2005

Only Fifteen Minutes of Fame?

A few months ago Alesia Holliday was having trouble getting a title approved for her newest Chick Lit Legal Thriller by her publisher (Berkley) so she asked for help on the Chick Lit E-mail Loop I belong to. It's about a tall blonde attorney...and her editor decided on my suggestion.

Hopefully this isn't the pinnacle of my writing career, but it's still pretty cool. To see my words on a book cover...even if I didn't write the book, gave me quite a few chills. Would a book by any other title smell as sweet? I think not!


Click here for more info about the Blondes Have More Felons March 2006 release.


Duke_of_Earle said...

Congratulations! Since "Legally Blonde" was taken, that's not half bad!

But I'm jealous, because that's probably closer to getting published than I'll ever come. Maybe if I submitted all my stuff first to you so you could find all my errors...

Nah, that would take you too long. You have a life, as I remember.

(Hey, "felons" rhymes with "melons!" No, I won't go there.)


Karyn Lyndon said...

You already have a critique partner. Give me a call when you need title help. But I work cheap. All it'll cost you is one tiny

Hale McKay said...

Congratulations - I'd say that is an honor indeed.

Bill said...

Kudos and congrats to you Karyn!!

I'm very happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Karyn. And you're right, the title (and appearance) have so *very* much to do with the selling of a novel. Congratulations.

Alesia said...

Yes, I LOVE AND ADORE Karyn! And her titles. My editor just said, "We're really going to need a GREAT title for the second mystery after how much everyone LOVED Blondes Have More Felons!"

Maybe you'll have to title my next book, too . . .

Karyn Lyndon said...

Alesia! Thanks for stopping by...I'd love to help with your next book. Maybe I'll start a website Titles R

I can't wait till Blondes Have More Felons comes out!