Sep 21, 2005

3 Little Pigs from the Wolf's POV

* *P O E T R Y* *
Big, Bad and Blameless

Everyone said that I
huffed and I puffed
They said I was mean
They said I was rough!

But, I'm telling you man,
they've got me all wrong!
Just listen to my side
It's a whole 'nother song

If you look at my records
you'd see I'm a joker
A lover, a laugher,
and a real heavy smoker

As a matter of fact
I'm quite emphysemic
I can barely breathe
Not to mention anemic

There's no way on earth
I could blow down a dwelling
I get winded walking
My ankles keep swelling

As far as the straw house
My interest was legitimate
I'm a real estate broker
I was trying to list it

With the wood house I thought
It could use help from me
On the side I sell siding
With a lifetime guarantee!

My reasons for being
at that last pig's brick home?
I sell second mortgages
Even pigs need a loan!

As far as the damage
It's hard to explain
A big gust of wind?
A low flying plane?

Besides, I would never
Eat a fat little pig!
My LDL is high
I'm already big!

So give me a break
The pigs could be lying
While I'm just the innocent
Wolf who they're frying!


Hale McKay said...

LOL - wonderful!
... As far as my joke you asked about "...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night."
...It was poking fun at that commercial on TV. There are several different ones that have aired.
...A man interupts a critical operation in a hospital and says the chief of surgery is making a mistake. They try his way and saves patients life. One of the Dr.s asks if he a surgeon, to which he replies "No. But i did stay at a Holiday Inn last night."
...In another, while eating a donut, he saves a nuclear power plant from having a melt down. "Are you an atomic scientist?" "No, but I did stay at a ..."
...Anyway, Am i a blogger?"...

Karyn Lyndon said...

No...but you stayed at a Holiday Inn last night...I'll have to watch out for those commercials...