Sep 3, 2005

Where's the Charity from Exxon?


There's a story on the news about a young guy who stole a school bus in New Orleans and loaded it up with stranded people (from newborns to an old woman in a wheelchair) on the interstate. They had heard rumors that refugees of Katrina were going to Houston so they headed that way. The reporter interviewing this industrious young man asked how they were able to fill up with gas along the way. He said they were all able to pool their money and had just enough.

My question is, why would a bus carrying refugees be charged for gas??? I guess they would have been charged for bottled water, too. Everyone else in the country is giving till it hurts. How can the oil companies in good conscience take their money? Much less gouge the whole country!

Another unbelievable part of this story is the police weren't going to admit them into the Astrodome because they weren't in an "offical" Greyhound bus. The Red Cross let them in.


Mike said...

I think you hit upon why Exxon changed it's name from Esso many years ago - it sounded to close to "Asshole."

Nankin said...

Charity??? HAH! That's why gas went from 2.57 to 3.09 in two days. Don't holde your breath, because it ain't over yet. Wait until the oil production is actually affected by Katrina.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I can't wait.