Sep 5, 2005

Deep from my heart for Texas


My heart swells with pride when I think about how generous my state has been in the relief efforts from hurricane Katrina. Yea, Texas! I heard we've taken in over 123,000 people made homeless by the storm and subsequent dam break who are staying in shelters and another 100,000 staying in hotels. The fact that we are next door neighbors to Louisianna made Houston, San Antonio and Dallas obvious choices.

Of course, where else are you going to find two or three stadiums equipped with air conditioning and mega-bathrooms just lying around unoccupied? Yes, it's true. Texas is serious about their sporting gets a little worn out, you just build another one.


Bill said...

The one thing that always lifts my spirit in times like these is the true generousity of folks.

Especially in places like Texas where they've basically opened their doors.

But also, to see other countries, around the world, offering money and support is something else as well.

Thanks for a positive post on all of this!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

There are great times to be proud of Texas - and you're right, this is one of those times :)