Sep 28, 2005

That's A Lot Of Handbags!

These are supposed to be pics of a crocodile caught roaming (swimming) the streets of New Orleans and eating dead bodies. In reality it's a croc caught in the Congo. These same pictures were being e-mailed back in 2003 BB (before blogger). Ahhhhh...the gotta love it!
According to an article in and, the reptile was a Nile crocodile estimated to be 50 years old, about 16 feet in length, and about 1,900 lbs. The local mayor reportedly insisted on preserving the crocodile's carcass against the efforts of locals who wanted to eat it. Instead, he arranged for it to be shipped to a taxidermist, thus ending the animals life-long dream of outfitting hundreds in shoes and matching handbags.

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Hale McKay said...

That's a lot of belts too!