Sep 7, 2005

Lights, Camera, Action


Okay, so, the awards show I've been working on for the last several months is tomorrow at 2 p.m. (central). The reason I'm being specific about the time is I'm hoping for some prayers around then. Not that the show is bad or anything. We had dress rehearsal today and everything went pretty well considering. But an extra little bit of goodwill right about showtime would be appreciated.

The humorous videos I've been laboring over in the editing booth were well received today as this was the first time for them to be viewed. The cast and crew laughed at the appropriate moments which is oh-so important. Now if the audience will do the same tomorrow.

The tricky part about the show this year is more of a technical nature. We have two stages set up catty-cornered on either side of where the stage normally is. One side is a Saturday Night Live-ish news desk with 2 newscasters. The other side is the actual awards podium. It's as if the audience is the studio audience watching a live broadcast, complete with a three-piece band in the middle. Then we have 2 cameras set up to go "live" from the news program to the awards...which are all "broadcast" on the wall sized video screen in the middle. The concept is unique but depends heavily on the guys in the control booth to switch everything at the appropriate moment, along with lights on the two stages, videos and a powerpoint slide show of the nominees and winners. Maybe if you could say a little extra prayer for the guys in the booth.

I don't know what I look forward to more. Hearing the audience laugh at my jokes...or sighing with relief when it's over. It's probably a nice mixture of both.

Anyway, I'll post pics tomorrow. (I know you can't


Bill said...

I'm looking forward to them Karyn!

Nankin said...

So, that's where you were yesterday at noon. We kept waiting thinking you'd show at any moment. Missed seeing you.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes, it seems there was a communication problem. I thought Cindy was going to send the e-mail cancelling the meeting. When she didn't I thought she was going to go. Oh well. Now that the show's over things will get back to normal. And I can start writing again!