Sep 8, 2005

PACE Awards prove (once again) that Advertising Department is insane

The show was a huge success! (If you don't know what I'm talking about see yesterday's post.) There's nothing like the sound of audience laughter that you've created. But it wasn't ALL hilarity. There were some warm, fuzzy moments, too. I got lots of compliments after the show, a special handshake and thanks from the V.P. of the Division, and the head of the committee is taking us to a thank-you lunch tomorrow.

Here are some pics as promised...then I'm going to bed...night night...

Our theme was Change of PACE because of all the changes we've gone through this year. Posters around the building and on the podium were of chameleons (a plaid one, a polka dot one, a cow print one, etc.) to signify change with the slogan "change is good"

The ballroom was made to look like a TV studio...

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