May 28, 2005

License Tags in 10 Easy Calls (or what did we do before cell phones?)

My 20-year-old son has Thursday, Friday and Saturday off. But Thursday he's tired from working 4 nights a week (poor baby) and Saturday he has to rest up for his long week ahead (give me a break.) So Friday is his only day to do "chores" (only the bare minimum).

So before I went to work I told him it was "get your expired license plates unexpired" day.

First he told me he was too tired and I reminded him about Friday being his only "quality" day off. I handed him the paperwork and kissed him goodbye.

1. Around 2 p.m. he called me and said he was ready to go. I was impressed! He actually called ME! But it dawned on me he would also need his new insurance card. His old one expired May 6 and I hadn't handed the new ones out yet. (Okay, this part was my fault. What can I say...I've been busy.) So he would have to drive to my work and get it. He said okay. (Such a good boy!)

2. On the way there I decided to call and see if the Tax Office accepted checks...yes with a current driver's license. (No problema)

3. I called my son and he said he'd lost his DL about 3 months ago. (Grrrrr)

4. So I called the Tax Office back and they said they accepted cash. (Wow! What a concept!)

5. So I called my son back to tell him he would have to get cash from his ATM. (Yes, from YOUR ATM)

6. He called me when he got to my office and I met him at the curb with the insurance. (I got another kiss and a hug)

About that time he realized he'd left the license tag paperwork at home. (Yes, you really do need it.) He went back home to get it. Then he went to the bank.

7. THEN he called me from the tax office and said that the line was too long and he'd rather kill himself than stand in a line that long. Then he hung up.

Suddenly, I was taken back to the old AT&T commercial...when you want to reach out and choke someone!

8. I called him and told him that I'd had to stand in that line, his Dad had to stand in that line and as God as my witness...he would too!!! And I hung up.

9. Then he called and said, "but now 8 more people have gotten in front of me."

GET IN THE @#$@%#$% LINE!!!!! (Sorry, surrounding cube mates.)

10. About 30 minutes later he called me back, wanting praise that he'd accomplished his lisence tag chore.

Frankly, me and my dialing finger were just too exhausted.

Next Friday? How many calls does it take to get a Driver's License.

This was brought to you by Cingular Wireless and the Family Share plan.


Bill said...

Another funny post Karyn! THe insanity that is the DMV has never ceased to amaze me.

It's 'privatized' here in NC, there's still a wait, but it's about a tenth of the ones we had in NY.

Thanks for the chuckle!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Oh, sure...laugh. Thank God it's a three-day weekend so my dialing finger can rest up.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Great post! Reminds me of the call I got from older daughter (at college) telling me she'd missed (cut) so many classes and was so far behind that she thought she'd take the rest of the semester off and try again in the spring.
I told her (from my work office) to get her "blankety blank BUTT" back in class and don't even THINK about taking a semester off! Did she know how much it COST to have here there?
She did what I demanded(thank God -- you never know!), and she passed, and she graduated on time. WHEW!
Anyway, I can relate.

Karyn Lyndon said...

OH, don't even get me started on cutting-class college stories...I could write a book...hey, maybe I

Nic said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry for your pain. But it makes for a great story! Hey, just wanted to let you know I added you to my blogroll. Hope you're having a swell Memorial Day weekend!

LuckySpinster said...

holy cow. i'm glad i'm single and childless.

nice blog.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Thanks, Lucky! I never dreamed they would be this much trouble in their 20s...the terrible 2s were nothing!

katydanzer said...

How come you never tell the good things Kendall and I do? Okay, so at least I do good things...

pooh said...

I think I will do that deep freezing thing from Austin Powers on my nine year old. Then we can thaw her out when there's a cure for insolence!

Nankin said...

Karen, did you know you can renew your tags and drivers license on line. I know it's a scary thought, but true. What will they think of next?

Karyn Lyndon said...

Unfortunately, they won't let you do it online if it's past due...