May 22, 2005

A Man's Point of View on Sex

There's an interesting article over at Code, Code World where Bill talks about "maturing" bodies. Check it out!

They almost let it slip by un-announced, but my daughter found out. So now we're doing a party today.

OMG!!! 50 years? Can you imagine? I've been married 28. That means I'm only half-way we live that long.

I really admire my parents. They both have active, full lives, are relatively healthy and are still very much in love. They kiss every time they part, they spoon each other all night long, and they rarely fight. (Bickering does not count as fighting.) When I asked my Mom to reveal the secret to their successful marriage, she laughed and said, "Separate TV rooms."


void said...

Congratulations to your folks!!

Bill said...

Congrats to your folks Karyn! They've been blessed indeed.

I hope y'all had a great celebration!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Thanks, Mike and Bill! We toasted to another 50 years at their brunch. As we were leaving I hugged them and thanked them for getting married.