Jul 21, 2005

No Freakiness This Week

In light of the occurances and my somber mood, Freaky Friday is postponed until next week.

Thank you all for your kindnesses about Carly and her mom. Of course, there's always more to the story...in this case, things like drug abuse and mental illness, which are impossible to understand. And usually those things are accompanied by loss of job, which invariably leads to financial problems. I'm not trying to excuse Carly's mom's selfishness...only making stabs at trying to explain it.

Carly is a strong person. Her mom's inability to cope all these years has turned Carly into more of a parent than a child. We are making sure she knows she has a big support group to help her. I think she's going to be okay.


Ruthie said...

That's so important. My mom is elderly and has been a horrid b*tch her whole life, but when she finally goes, it will leave a hole in my life. Like hitting your head against a brick wall all day for years - when someone takes a wall, what do you do with your time, and how do you get used to not having a headache?

Sounds funny, but I'm serious. I think it's harder to get over that kind of thing, although it should be a relief. I supposed there's a lot of guilt tied up with it, because it is a relief, where there isn't when it's your basic responsible, beloved and loving parent. Makes no sense, but that's how it seems to me.

Best to Carly and make sure she doesn't feel guilty because there was nothing she could have done,.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Thanks for the update Karyn. I agree, any Firday freakiness would have been inappropriate today. I came here hoping you'd forego the usual in light of circumstances, and being a class act, you did.

All the best to you and Carly.

Christina said...

Having not read yesterday's post, I came here looking for Freaky Friday, but omigod, how can you write about sex in light of this awful tragedy. I hope that yours and Katy's friendship, as well as support from other friends and family will help Carly through this unspeakable time. Best wishes to you all.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Thanks again for all of your well-wishes and concern. Comedy is 99% timing and...well...this seemed like bad timing.

Christina! Welcome back. Glad you're finally settled in and posting.