Jul 17, 2005

Vacation: The Final Day

It's been a wonderful week! Thursday night we went to eat at Mi Cocina. This particular location in Plano is built next to a lovely duck pond so eating outside is like taking a trip to the San Antonio Riverwalk

Well, okay...not quite, but almost...very vacationy!

Then we went to see...

I highly recommend it if you like extremely intense movies about aliens (which I do).

Friday I went swimsuit shopping. The men probably won't understand this, but just to let you know most women compare this event to a double root canal. I would wager there aren't very many women who enjoy looking at themselves in a three-way mirror in spandex (for obvious reasons.)

Having a pool, I go through swimsuits like Kleenex during "Old Yeller". It seems clorine's main food source is spandex, which manufacturers thought would be a good fabric for women's swimsuits. So I've learned if you wait until after July 4th, swimsuits go on sale, at which time I can stock up on chlorine food. But there is only a very small window of opportunity until they're gone...never to be seen again until the spring, kind of like some migrating birds. Anyway, I bought three of them

and was very happy when that chore was over.

Saturday we began preparing for our belated July 4th swim party (we were out of town on the actual day). It was a great party, (considering the weather was a bit iffy) which included volley ball,

cheeseburgers on the grill and hot tubbing.

Today is a "lounging around the house" day which hopefully will include some kind of fine dining and a final vacation NAP!


Duke_of_Earle said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Now you're all charged up and ready to go back to work, right? (Right!)

Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes! It's good to be back at work so I can get some peace and quiet...lol